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iTMelbs Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our first priority.

Perfection in computer repair and virus removal is what every one of our Experts strives to achieve. All our technicians are certified and continue to stay current in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology. Because of our commitment to excellence, we have the confidence to provide you with a complete NO RISK guarantee. If your problem is not able to be resolved, and the issue is confirmed unfixable by one of our advanced technicians, you will be refunded the total amount on your part.

You owe us nothing if we cannot fix your problem!

Since our inception iTMelbs has been a results driven company, and as a result we have adopted a “pay for performance” policy. We don’t have consultation fees or diagnostic fees. You have a problem and need a solution, and simply put; if we can’t provide that solution we don’t deserve to collect a fee. All unresolved issues will be escalated to one of our advanced technicians, who will determine if we are able to fix the problem. If your problem remains unrepaired after one of our advanced technicians looks over your system and exhausts every effort in getting it resolved, you are entitled to a full refund. We are the experts, and therefore; there should be no risk involved for you. You will never pay for a diagnosis or advice from us. That is why we say: “No Fix, No Pay.”

Payment Types Are Accepted

Cash, Cheque, Money Order, Bank Transfer, EFTPOS, VISA*, MasterCard*, American Express* and PayPal

* A surcharge of 2% applies for all payments made with VISA, MasterCard or American Express over $200.